Three Pillars

Integration of Three Curricula

  • Chinese fundamentals: In order to build a solid foundation for our students, especially in Chinese and mathematics, we will follow the Chinese National Curriculum standard and adopt Suzhou public school textbooks within our teaching resources.
  • American features: In order to develop confidence and perseverance in our students who will grow to be creative problem-solvers, we will incorporate a range of selective American programmes, including bilingual immersion education, gifted education, talent identification, entrepreneurial leadership, individualized education, etc.
  • IB framework: The IB is one of the most respected international curricula. We will adopt the IB curriculum as our framework, integrating Chinese and American content and features, and focus on inquiry-based learning and educating the whole person. The IB has four programmes of education. We will offer the following three:
    • Primary Years Programme (PYP): Ages 3-12, including kindergarten and Primary School.
    • Middle Years Programme (MYP): Ages 11-16, between PYP and DP.
    • Diploma Programme (DP): Two-year course of study. Both external and internal assessments. The IB Diploma is highly regarded by the top universities in the world. College credits are available in many universities for DP graduates.


Learning of Three Languages

  • We will be one of few of schools in the world which can provide a quality dual-language, dual-cultural immersion program.
  • Learning and living in a Chinese-English dual-language environment:
    • One-to-one Chinese and English class time;
    • One-to-one Chinese and international teaching staff;
    • One-to-one languages and other subjects class time,
    • One-to-one language support…

so that students with various language backgrounds (including local students who have little prior English and those who have just returned to China from overseas) will have effective support to challenge and adapt quickly to their new environment.

  • Suzhou dialect: In order to study local culture and fit into the local environment, we encourage students to obtain basic knowledge of the Suzhou dialect.


Immersion and Cross-over in Three Cultures

  • Established in the local community and get to know Suzhou culture.
  • Deeply rooted in China and understand Chinese culture.
  • Have international-mindedness and respect for a variety of different cultures.