Holistic Education


About 3000 years ago, during the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046–771 BC), students were required to master the “liù yì” (the Six Arts), which includes:
1. Rites
2. Music
3. Archery
4. Charioteering
5. Calligraphy
6. Mathematics

Based on modern educational philosophy and objectives, nowadays educators and researchers have given “the Six Arts” new interpretations. OCAC-Suzhou has interpreted the Six Arts in accordance with the IB’s Approaches to Learning and therefore built our own co-curriculum framework. We focus on exploring the talents of our faculty, utilizing community resources and local characteristics.

When the academic year 2017 – 2018 begins, we will provide a variety of co-curricular activities, such as baseball, soccer, ping-pong, tai chi, rock climbing, board games, robotics and programming, environmental awareness, webpage design, Chinese costume making, debate, dubbing, strings, zither, dance, choir, animal welfare, little inventors, in order to meet students’ needs and interests.