Our Team



Jianlan Zhang, Chinese Principal

Mr. Zhang Jianlan was the Director of the Higher Education Department, the Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation, and the Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of the Suzhou Education Bureau. He was the Principal of the Suzhou No.6 Secondary School and the founding Principal of the Rugao International Academy, BFSU. Jianlan has 15 years of experience in international education. He was also the founder of the Suzhou International Foundation School and brought in many international education programmes e.g. Dulwich and UWC to Suzhou.

He received a master’s degree in management from Maryland University and was a visiting scholar to its College of Education.


Timothy Fryer, Foreign Principal

Tim has over 30 years of experience as a teacher and leader at international schools. An IBDP Chemistry teacher and examiner, Tim has taught in IB schools for most of his career, and has served in both CAS and DP coordinator roles. He has many years of experience as a pastoral care leader. Tim has a BSc in Applied Chemistry, PGCE in Chemistry, a MA in Education and holds a Doctorate in Education awarded by the University of Leicester, UK. Tim is an experienced CIS visiting team member and has also led accreditation processes in his own schools.


Our Culture


Multi-cultural diversity: Our faculty and staff have multi-cultural backgrounds with full and rich experience in Chinese and western education, bilingual education and whole-person education.

Collaboration, in pursuit of excellence: We promote team spirit by encouraging collaboration among staff, with respect and tolerance for different opinions.

Learning and innovating: We are life-long learners, always keen to explore and innovate.

Student-first: We believe in student-centered education and encourage staff and students to grow together.




Our Team

Our team consists of teaching faculty and administrative staff who have diverse experiences in Chinese and western education, bilingual education and whole-person education. They are curriculum development leaders and teachers with a spectrum of experiences and expertise. They come from local and international schools with different education systems and curriculum frameworks. The ratio of Chinese to international teachers is 1:1.

Our current members come from many of the best known international schools, including United World Colleges, Chinese International School in Hong Kong, Suzhou Singapore International School, EtonHouse International School Suzhou, Dulwich International High School Suzhou, and Shanghai American School.


Early Years Leadership Team:

Primary Leadership Team:

Secondary Leadership Team:

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