Our Philosophy


Overseas Chinese Academy Suzhou aspires to become a model of Chinese International Education.


With Chinese origins and global originality, we cultivate life-long learners to meet the global challenges of the twenty-first century.


We draw on collective wisdom to select, study and integrate the “B-E-S-T” elements from Chinese and international education.


  • Integrate boarding school features from the UK, US and China.
  • Compulsory for high school students; optional for middle school students.
  • Each House consists of students from different grades and is supervised by Mentors who are subject teachers. Mentors are responsible for creating a bilingual international boarding environment, providing high quality and individualized pastoral care.


  • From kindergarten to grade 12.
  • Dual language, multi-cultural
  • Whole-person education, global perspectives
  • Educate students to be life-long inquirers and learners who have artisan, artistic and creative potential.
  • Encourage students to become future leaders, who will strive to resolve 21st century global issues cooperatively with young people from other countries.


  • Draw on experiences of United World Colleges and Gifted Education in the U.S. for student selection and education;
  • Current achievement(changed to “performance”) and future potential: Student admission depends on not only achievements (changed to “performance”) to date, but also their potential to grow.
  • Diversity: We aim to promote diversity in our student body (children of overseas Chinese returnees, local and international backgrounds);
  • Scholarships: We provide a variety of scholarships to encourage diversity and celebrate achievements.


  • Our core competency is built on our teachers. We recruit and select teachers from around the world and provide continuing professional development in order to keep improving our quality of education.
  • Before entry, teachers will have orientation sessions, IB workshops and/or in-school training.
  • Post entry, teachers will be able to continue to improve their skills through collaborative planning, in-school training, job-alikes, peer support, feedback from colleagues and leadership training.