The first of its kind, a school specifically designed for the children of overseas Chinese who return to China and those who aim to study overseas to eventually return to China

Chinese origins, global originality

We cultivate life-long learners to meet the global challenges of the twenty-first century
Dual-language, Multi-cultural

Based in Suzhou, oriented to the world

Whole-person education

Well-balanced development

K-12 Integrated Curriculum

Day/Boarding school

Life-long inquisitive learners

Solid foundation, innovative potential

A unique international education in China v3.0 school

Our Students
  • The children of overseas Chinese
  • The children of various talented professionals
  • Students who are identified as gifted and who aim to study overseas
  • Others who are interested in purusing Chinese international education

Our Team

Our team consists of teaching faculty and administrative staff who have full and rich experiences in Chinese and western education, bilingual education and whole-person education. They are curriculum development leaders, teachers with a spectrum of experiences and expertise. They come from local and international schools with different education systems and curriculum frameworks. The ratio of Chinese to international teachers is 1:1.
Xiaohang Sumner
Xiaohang Sumner
Executive Director
An experienced IB Examiner, Workshop Leader, and Visiting Team Member; the founding Director General of the United World College in China.
Timothy Fryer
Timothy Fryer
Foreign Principal
IBDP coordinator, CAS coordinator IB chemistry examiner; 30 years of experience in international education.

Our Campus

We aspire to create a learning and residential community which integrates different backgrounds and cultures, and provides a sense of security, happiness, and enterprising spirit.

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